Diablo 2 Resurrected Act 1 Walkthrough


Once you have selected your character and successfully loaded it into the game, you’ll start at the Rogue Encampment, which is Act 1’s town. It also means that you’re safe within these walls and no monster or player can attack you. You can purchase various equipment, potions, as well as repair your broken item here.

Make sure to explore and visit Akara, which is located in the right-hand corner of the town. She sells valuable potions and scrolls; however, you won’t be able to afford any at this stage. She’s also the NPC that gives you the starting quest.
Once you have started the Den of Evil quest, head towards the town exit and right into the Blood Moor. The Den of Evil is located along the path. The path actually splits, so if you come across an NPC named Flavie, then you’ll know that you’ve come too far. That’s when you have to head back to the splitting point and take the other path.

The Den of Evil (Quest #1)

You need to kill each and every monster residing within the cave, and the quest is optional, but the reward is worth the time. Within the cave, there are Fallen, Gargantuan Beasts, Fallen Shamans, and Zombies. Keep Fallen Shamans at priority as they hold the ability to resurrect the Fallen that you kill for diablo 2 quests. The Gargantuan Beasts can also be troublesome due to their high health pool. So, approach them in a 1 Vs 1 combat battle.

The boss of the Den of Evil is a zombie called Corpsefire, and the best possible way to defeat him is to kill the zombies around him, and then focus on the boss. Make sure that you have enough health potions on you as he can deal immense damage with every hit. Once you’re done, head back to the encampment and speak to Akara, followed by Kashya for the next quest.

Sister’s Burial Grounds (Quest #2)

You can find Kashya in the middle of the town (near the town portal). She’ll tell you about a monster known as Blood Reven that has risen a zombie army at the Burial Grounds for diablo 2 quests. So, head back into the Blood Moor and follow the path to the Cold Plains. The area starts at Flavie’s post, so once you enter the location, you’ll notice a waypoint, which allows you to quickly travel to places.

Cold Plains splits into three directions; one of which leads to the Burial Grounds, and there’s no way to know which one is which. Once you’re on the right path, you’ll encounter a few enemies, alongside a mini-boss called Bishibosh, who can resurrect the Fallen Shamans. Take him down quickly and continue to the path to the Burial Grounds to encounter the Blood Raven. She can run around and summon the Hungry Dead, so focus your attacks only on her and quickly defeat the boss. After that, speak to Kashya again to get a Rogue hireling free of charge.

The Search for Cain (Quest #3)

Speak to Akara to know about Deckard Cain, and she’ll task you with saving him from a horde of monsters that have taken over Tristram. Go back to the Cold Plains and follow the road ahead to enter the new area. Grab the waypoint along the way (if you haven’t already). You’ll encounter Fallen, Dark Archers, Skeletons, Fallen Shamans, Hungry Dead, and Clan Goatmen here.

Walk along the path to notice a six large stone circle. Takedown the nearby enemies, and keep in mind that the area is guarded by Rakanishu, who is a carver that fires lightning bolts. Once he’s dealt with, follow the road to the Underground Passage that consists of Misshapen, Carvers, Fallen, Skeleton Archers, and Vile Hunters for diablo 2 act 1 quests.

Fight through the wave to reach the entrance of the Dark Wood, and then locate the Tree of Inifuss and the waypoint. The Tree of Inifuss is where you’ll locate the scroll that allows you to open the portal to Tristram. The area is located in the middle of the forest, and it is guarded by a unique brute called Tree head Woodfist. You can choose whether you want to kill him or not.

With the scroll in your hand, head back to the town and speak to Akara. She’ll reveal that you need to touch the stones to open the entrance to Tristram. Head back to the Stony Fields and do that to walk through the red portal. The area is the home of several champion-level monsters, as well as Griswold, who is a blacksmith. Once it’s safe, release Cain and take him back to the encampment. Finally, speak to him to complete the quest. You can now identify any D2R Item through him.

The Countess (Quest #4)

The next objective is to take down The Countess, and you’ll only get his quest after you’ve found a pedestal in the Stony Fields that asks you to do it. From the Dark Woods, continue onto the Black Marsh and search around until you locate The Forgotten Tower.

Within the tower, you’ll come across powerful variants of Fallen known as Devilkin. Besides that, there are Ghosts, Vile Archers, Night Clan Goatmen scattered across for diablo 2 act 1 quests. The boss is located on the top floor of the tower. Keep your distance while fighting against her, and it’s worth noting that she’s one of the best sources in the game to obtain runes that can empower your equipment.

Tools of the Trade (Quest #5)

Speak to Charsi, who is a blacksmith at the Rogue Encampment. She’ll tell you about a hammer that she left behind while fleeing from the Monastery, and that you need to retrieve it for her. So, head to the Black March, followed by the Tamoe Highlands, and then to the Barracks.

Similar to the Underground Passage, Barracks is stacked with enemy mobs so you won’t have enough room to walk around. Watch out for Bone Mages and Bone Archers, and keep things at a slow pace for d2r act 1 quests. The hammer you’re seeking is with the boss named The Smith. When you approach him, lure him away from his minions and deal with him alone. Once he’s dead, pick the Horadric Malus and hand it over to Charsi. She’ll offer you to imbue one of your non-magical items into a random rare. You can either do it now or save it for when you have better equipment.

Sisters of Slaughter (Quest #6)

It’s the only quest in act 1 that’s not optional. Once you’ve dealt with The Smith, you need to go through the Barracks into the Jail. The area has three levels that consist of powerful monsters that you haven’t yet encountered for d2r act 1 quests. For instance, Wraths, Ghosts, etc. Once you’ve cleared the Jail, you’ll reach the Inner Cloister, and from there, you need to head into the Cathedral. Stick to the right-hand side of the map and head down the Catacombs.

You’ll encounter The Banished, Ghouls, Rat Men, Afflicted, and Arachs here. Take your time to clear them and then head to the second level of the Catacombs. Progress further to the fourth floor and walk through the door to clear out the Shamans, Zombies, and the Dark Ones. Once they’re dead, open the door and face act 1’s boss called Andariel.

You need to lure her closer to the door, and once she’s sauntered over you, use the best fire spells you have as she’s weak to them. After she’s head, grab the loot, go back to the town, and speak to the NPC named Warriv to start act 2.