Game Modes


Would you like to make your deck more powerful but you don’t know how?

In Fangold there are many ways to forge or acquire the cards you are looking for.

For example, the Adventure Quest allows your avatar to move around the tavern and to explore places like the Fen Dhathach’s mines, which teem with dormant creatures and treasures, waiting to be discovered.

Another way to acquire objects is by using the “gathering system" that is found in all of the territory. You can look for minerals or seeds sown in the map. Be careful! The risk of unexpected encounters can be haunting!

The wandering creatures are not the only danger...

In PvPvE mode, other Evocators can challenge you to a duel with special rules. The Cannon Tower and the Fen Dhathach’s service mine will be the keys to the victory or defeat. For example, if you conquer the tower by defeating the creatures who infest it, you’ll be able to shoot to the rival Evocator.

You can also send your allies for help in the mine, but pay attention! The aid could be turned against you.

If you want a break, all you need is a fishing rod. The pond is awaiting you with hidden secrets in the muddy depths, such astreasure maps and many more surprises. At any time, you can pay a visit to the merchant and swap the things you don’t need any longer for more useful items.

Don’t forget to talk to everyone in the Tavern and to the characters hidden in the game world. They are very nice and you might be given special assignments in exchange for delicious rewards.

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