Game Modes


Do you want to test yourself against other players?

The wide array of Fangold’s PvP allows you many different challenges.

You can face your friends in a friendly game to train yourself without thinking about the results. You can take advantage of this modality in order to test the different combinations of cards, develop your tactics and verify what you have learned in the world of Fangold.

Want to get serious?

Try the Ranked mode and face other Evocators of your rank.

You’ll climb the charts to the summit, but watch out, each failure will make you lose your rank. Evaluate your moves well if you do not want to return to the starting rank.

If you need a higher degree of challenge, throw yourself into Fangold’s Forge of Fighters. In this special mode only your adaptability, your flexibility and experience are important. You can’t use your own decks because you will be assigned a few cards to play with. Try to create the deck as competitive as possible because once the tournament starts, your deck cannot be changed. When the tournament ends, the most precious treasures of Fangold will await you.

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