OSRS Tai Bwo Wannai Trio Guide


Tai Bwo Wannai Trio is about the village’s chief who is in need of assistance to reunite his sons with him. However, to do that, you must find where they’re located and help them complete their specific tasks.

Quest & Skill Requirements

To move forward with this quest, you must first complete The Jungle Potion quest, and have the following skill levels; 30 Cooking, 15 Agility, and 5 Fishing. Being a long quest, you’ll need a number of items that can either be purchased from the Grand Exchange or can be obtained during the quest. Let’s have a look.

Items Required

You’ll need 30 OSRS Gold to purchase Karamja Rum, and a Knife, Small Fishing Net, Agility Potion, Normal Logs x2, Tinder Box, and a Steel Spear or any above tier. In terms of the items obtained during the quest, you’ll come across; Sliced Banana, Pestle & Mortar, Seaweed, Jogre Bones. Other than that, you’ll need Magic or Ranged equipment to kill a monkey. Items such as Amulet of Glory, Brimhaven Teleport, Rimmington Teleport, Weight-Reducing Clothing, and Food are optional but highly recommended.

Before you begin the quest by talking to the chief of the OSRS Tai Bwo Wannai Trio Village, head to the Musa Point with the help of an Amulet of Glory and pick a banana from the plantation area.

Next, head to the bar (Karamja Spirits Bar) located south from where you stand, and purchase a Karamja Rum for 30 OSRS GP. Use your knife on the banana to slice it up and add it into the rum.

Now, head to the house south (OSRS Tai Bwo Wannai Trio Village) with the quest point icon and speak to Chief Timfraku. He’ll tell you about his three sons and how they’ve left the village to perform their individual tasks.


Tamayu can be found in the mind that is south-east of the village. Speak to him and he’ll tell you that he agrees on going back to the village once the beast Shaikahan is killed. Agree to join him on this excursion and a cut-scene will trigger where he fails to kill it. You will now have to head southwest and fish for 22 Karambwan osrs, as you’ll need to poison the spear and give it to Tamayu.

If you don’t have a Pestle & Mortar, you can purchase it from Jiminua’s Store located nearby. Next, use your Brimhaven Teleport and head to the southern shores to speak to Lubufu. You’ll have to choose the ‘Talk about him’ option and ask him about his age while offering to help him out. He will task you to catch 20 Karambwanji, which has already been caught, so just hand them over to him.

Now ask him questions relating to how he catches the bait and so on to become his apprentice. He’ll then hand you a Karambwan Vessel and ask you to fill it up and use it as bait. Drop the vessel and ask him for one more, as you’ll need an extra one further in the quest. Use one of the Raw Karambwanji on the vessel that you had caught.


It’s time to meet Tiadeche, and you can find him wandering around the northeastern part of the Karamja Jungle. Speak to him and he’ll say that he’ll go back to the village if you teach him how to catch Karambwans. Use the already-ready vessel on him and he’ll give you a raw Karambwan in return, right before he sends you off to speak to his brother Tinsay.

Since you’re already in the area, go to the nearby beach and grab a seaweed. Start a fire and cook the Karambwan osrs to make it poisonous, and then use Pestle & Mortar on it to make the required paste. Use the paste on the spear to obtain the final item called Karambwan Poison Spear. You can now head back to Tamayu, which is south of where you’re standing (if you’re still in the same location), and in case you don’t have Jogre Bones, you can kill one on the way and pick it up. Use the Poison Spear, along with an Agility Potion on him, and another cut-scene should trigger where Tamayu successfully slays the beast.


To locate Tinsay, you’ll have to go to the Cairn Isle and look for the area with the rockslide. After climbing the slide, there will be a bridge, and just across it, you can find Tinsay. Speak to him and he’ll tell you that he wants to fix the Village’s Tribal Statue, but he’s lacking three items. But first, use a Karambwan Vessel on him to obtain a Crafting Manual which needs to be given to Tiadeche to finish his part.

The three items that you’ll need are; Banana Rum, Seaweed Sandwich, and Marinated Jogre Bones. You already have the Banana Rum, and as for the Seaweed Sandwich, do you remember the area where you collected the Seaweed? You can find monkeys nearby it. You’ll need a Ranged or Magic gear to kill him. Upon killing one, you’ll get Monkey Corpse, so just take the corpse to Tamayu to receive Monkey Skin. Finally, use the skin on the seaweed to obtain Seaweed Sandwich. Finally, for the Marinated Jogre Bones, you will have to use your Tinderbox on the bones (Requirement is level 30 in Fire Making) and pick up the remains once it finishes burning. Using a Pestle & Mortar, grind a raw Karamwanji and use the paste on the remains. Cook the Pastry Jogre Bones on fire again to obtain the final product.

The End

Give all the three items to Tinsay, and he’ll agree to return to the village. However, you still have the Crafting Manual that needs to be handed over to Tinsay. Quickly to that, so that the three brothers return to the village. To complete the quest, head back to the village and speak to Chief Timfraku!