Runescape Strength Guide for F2P

So you want to make a pure account? You do not know how to train? You don’t know where to train? Then this article is just for you.
Most common pures are strength pure, its easy to make and easy to pk, in my option, if you are serious making a pure, you should start with attack and strength.Creating the account.

You are at registration and don’t know what name you should use, and all awesome names are already in use. There is way to modify the names by adding numbers like I gt; 1, e gt; 3, o gt; 0. So for example you want to use name “I got You” but its already in use, then try “I g0t you” or “1 Got You”. If all of them are in use then just pick other name.Getting started.

Now you’re at lumbridge, and have no money. The first thing you should do is head to stronghold of security, but first grab some food, you can ask people for food at barbarian fishing spot. Once you’re done with stronghold of security you will have 10k, if you want more you should go to Stronghold of Player Safety. Its 100% Safe because monsters don’t attack you. Now you have finished the stronghold of player safety so you have 20k. Head to Grand Exchange now and buy your self full iron, amulet of strength and iron, steel,mithril and adamant scimitar. If you want some more money you should start with skill like fishing or woodcutting.

Time to train.

Now head to lumbridge using home teleport. Go the chicken farm and kill chickens until you’re 5 strength and 5 attack. Pick up feathers if you want some extra cash. Now you have 5 attack, wield you’re steel scimitar. Now next to the chicken farm you see cows (You might need some food). Kill them until you got 20 strength and 20 attack. Pick up cowhides for some money. Now, you have 20 attack, wield you’re mithril scimitar. Now head to Prayer guild near edge ville. There you see monks ( You do not need food ) kill them until 30 attack and 30 strength. You can make some money by picking up bones, but its faster xp when you don’t pick up them. You can heal yourself by talking to monks. Once you have 30 attack wield you’re adamant scimitar. You have done great job. Now you are going to sell your feathers and cowhides if you haven’t already and buy yourself rune scimitar and lots of food.

Time for some real training.

Now you have 3 option, where you gonna train.

1) Keep training on monks until you’re 35 strength and then pick last 2 choice.

2) Training on minotaurs is very good xp but it can be very crowded, you will need lots of food because they hit on you alot. Kill them until 40 attack and 40 strength. Pick up iron arrows for some money.

3) Kill al-kharid warriors until 40 attack and 40 strength, they can hit alot so you will need lots of food. They don’t have any good drops but its fast.

Now you got 40 attack, wield your rune scimitar. Now head to Stronghold of security level 2 floor. Find flesh crawlers. Kill them until 70 strength or 99. Now, if you trained 70 strength at flesh crawlers, you should continue with Giant spiders at Stronghold of security floor 3. Train there until you’re 99 strength.


  • Always use potions, they speed up your xp.
  • Do vampire slayer when your 30 attack or so.
  • Use best food, that you can afford
  • 99 Strength will take lots of time. If you focus on strength only you can get 99 at f2p with 2 months, at p2p 1 month.


Helm: Iron fullhelm
Body: Iron platebody
Legs: Iron platelegs
Shield: Iron kiteshield
Boots: Fighter boots
Gloves: Gold Gloves
Amulet: Amulet of Strength
Weapon: Best scimitars you can wield.

If its possible I get pictures soon, thanks for reading 🙂

I will make P2p Guide in future too 🙂